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Why Many People Who Trade Forex Fail Out... and How You Can Make Consistent Profit Trading Forex!

Warning: This article is quite long... But if you read it to the end, you will get two gifts from me... two eBooks written from someone who has spent the past 15 years mastering the Forex Markets absolutely FREE. So if you prefer to watch cat videos than learn the skill that will change your finances - BYE!

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Olufukeji Ejimi Adegbeye
Founder, The Profitable Investor Network

Most people who ever attempt to invest in Forex Trading will lose money. (You'll see why shortly)

And this is not entirely their fault.

Many people start trading Forex because they hear of how profitable it can be and this is true...


It can also make you miserable.

(Most of the forex trading gurus you know only make money selling courses to you, not trading Forex so they will do anything to keep you from knowing this truth)


But it can also make you a multimillionaire sooner than you can imagine.

I once had a student who turned $100 into $2,000 within two weeks... but this is rare!

No jokes!

Before we continue let's make something very clear...

WAIT! Have You Ever Traded The Forex Market Before?

If you have tried to trade Forex before, I'm sure you can relate with this...

One day you're making profits, excited, you start thinking to yourself that you're making progress and almost immediately your head start doing the maths... "if I can just make $10 every day, that is $200 every month. It's doable jor"

And the next day... you've blown your trading capital.


That's not exactly how it usually happens.

After your last winning streak, you started feeling like a pro... you've mastered one strategy (or so you think) and so you take a trade...

And it moves slightly in your direction... nothing significant though and then it starts to retrace gently but surely.

You are so confident that it will retrace... "this is just a stop hunt, the market is being manipulated right now, it will go back"

So you completely remove your stop loss. "I know what I am doing"  you think to yourself.

You account is bleeding now... it's in serious loss but you are a 'risk taker' so you stay in there...

and the loss grows to 20%...35%...50%...80%

And now it looks as though the market is never going to return.

You have some faith... so you begin to pray and hope the market favours you somehow... but before you are done...

it's Margin Call!

You lost everything!

You start wondering if Forex Trading is for you.


This is the cycle many people find themselves... one minute you're making a lot of money and the next you've lost it all...

Most People Become Frustrated and Give Up at This Point.

Many others even start criticizing Forex Market and calling it "scam"...

But somewhere inside, they know Forex Trading can change their finances - if they can only figure out how to make it work.

But I don't want you to be like most traders who quit. I want you to become a profitable trader so that you can live life on your own terms.

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