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As a Chartered Wealth Manager, Ex-Bank trader &
Africa's No 1 Forex coach, I have helped thousands discover
how to use Forex trading to make more money at will, from
the comfort of their home or office.

I want to show you too how to do so also!

All my trainings are online courses, so location is not a barrier.

I have a free, 20k, 50k & 150k training.

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​You need a laptop (smartphone for ATM), good Internet access & basic computer skills to maximise my trainings.


If my training fees are more than your current budget, or if you don't want to pay for training just yet or are totally new to forex and just want to test the waters and decide if forex profits is for you, you can start with my free resources listed below;

=> ​Two Forex Trading eBooks, Yours FREE!​ ​ 

eBook 1 - The Millionaire Forex Trader's Handbook

eBook 2 - What I Learnt After 10,000 Hours of Trading

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Free Forex Training: 

1. Sunshine Scalping Strategy

​Join my free Facebook group where I teach you two very simple but very profitable trading strategies using the link below;


2. Android Trading Method ​(ATM):

​Take my free mobile phone forex training, Android Trading Method ATM in this Telegram channel below;



In my 25k ATM Plus training, you learn how to trade synthetic VIX on the go, with just your mobile device.

In my 50k Sunshine Scalping Plus Training you learn 1 trading approach to trade 1-4 currency pairs.

In my ​350k Forex Wealth Flow Methodology Program you learn 7 trading approaches that helps you trade over 16 currency pairs as well as gold & bonds and when you pay for this training, you get the ATM PLUS ​FREE!


The main difference is that in the paid training, you watch my videos online where I show you a way to filter your trades on specific, very profitable volatility indices such that you only take 1-3 trades weekly and maximize the trend for days, so you're nor glued to your phone and you are free to do other things.

I also show you how to know if price will still continue further in your direction if you are already in a winning so you don't exit too early and leave money on the table.

You also get access to me and other traders in a dedicated Telegram group whether you can interact and get daily trading support.

You don't get all this in the free training where you may need to be trading so often and checking your phone every other hour just to track the markets.

But if you don't want pay, simply keep practicing the free ATM strategy on demo and you may eventually figure out how to filter super profitable trades after months of practice. But if you want to know how immediately, then do the training.

Please note that those who already paid 50k for my Sunshine Scalping Plus training get to do this ATM Plus training for free!

So, if you are interested, kindly pay N25,000 to Olufukeji Olurotimi Olurotimi Adegbeye GTBank 0006931479. Then email your proof of payment with your transaction name to hello@ejimiadegbeye.com.

Then send me a friend request on my personal Facebook page via the link below;


Also message me on Facebook messenger with your a screenshot of your proof of payment.


This online training takes place via a closed Facebook group which has been running for several months now.

Training is done via recorded video classes with question and answer sessions within the group. The videos are available for viewing and practice at your pace but you are advised to complete the training as soon as possible so you can start trading profitably as soon as possible.

In this training, I go further to expand on my free Sunshine Scalping Strategy and I show you a simple Value Flow trading model that I use on 1 particular unpopular currency pair that you can add to your trading arsenal that will make you a lot of money, without a lot of stress.

I will also show you an entry technique that you can use to enter the market when you do not know which direction the market will go next. You can actually profit without having to predict the direction. It is a very high risk strategy though.

Lastly, I will show you how to use the Bollinger Bands to create a breakout strategy that can help you trade long term and only look at your charts 2-3 times a week.

Would you like to start your journey to Forex profits today by paying now?

Once you pay, send your payment proof to hello@ejimiadegbeye.com or chat Olufukeji on Facebook messenger via the link below https://www.facebook.com/ejimiadegbeye

​So you will be added immediately to the Closed Facebook group where the training will take place.

This training is not for answering questions like what is a lot size, what is stop loss, how do I install indicators, etc. You can learn all that on YouTube via the links I email you when you make payment.

This training costs N50,000 and when you pay, you get the ATM PLUS FREE!

Thanks once again and I look forward to helping you become a consistently profitable #SunshineScalpingPlus trader.


Below is the link to the educational resources of Hotforex, the broker I use for regular forex trading.


To practicalize what you learn there on a demo account, kindly click the link below to open a USD (not NGN) live trading wallet. In the space for Introducing Broker, write the number 250838. Then from your wallet,  open a demo account.


You can also visit www.babypips.com to learn more of the basics and introductory aspects of trading. This will help you.


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Olufukeji Olurotimi Adegbeye​

After payment send me a direct message or email evidence of payment to olufukeji@gmail.com and you will be given access to training materials and you will be added to the community